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A Guide to A Records

Guide DNS A records Webhosting

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 01:38 AM

Hello All,


Just a quick guide due to some people requesting a step by step guide to

pointing their domain to an IP.


To do this we will use an A Record, firstly a bit more about records and what they are used for.


Within the DNS system you can affiliate ,or point, a record and attach it to a domain name, there are many types of record

but the one we are using today is an A Records, many records have different jobs, such as an SRV record to affiliate a Service

running on a PID of a Server to a subdomain or FQDN


The role of these records is to route domain traffic from the domain and to point it towards the Server/VPS's http web service, or other

type of service that the Server or VPS provides, and therefore making a symbolic link between them both to make them accessible towards users.


How do we set one up within Haphost ?


The Haphost panel is designed to be easy-to-use and therefore includes specific sections for adding such records.


Firstly navigate to your Domains section within the Web hosting Tab:


Then select the domain you wish to add the record onto, form this domain management page select the DNS tab


Once at the DNS tab you will see a number of pre-defined records for your domain these are service subdomains for services

like FTP and mail.


Scroll down until you see the "Add A Record" section this will allow you to add the new record onto your domain,


You will then see two text boxes directly underneath that, these represent the two values that an A record can have associated one is the @target ad the other @value,

these are labelled as Name and Value respectively.


the Name text box allows you to enter the subdomain of your TLD that you wish to point a new value at this should be something sensible as you will access this via a URL


for example if i was to be adding ownCloud onto my VPS and then pointing it towards my domain I would enter something like "storage" or "owncloud" into the Name section

you can use the @ variable for the root resolver which acts as the full domain name to have the target be the direct domain.


Once you have added the Name section of your record, then add the value of the A record, this will usually be your VPS' IP address please note that A records do not accept ports you will have to add

SRV records for the associated service and then perform a DNS loopback for ports to work.


Then click Add , then Haphost will process your new A record, these can take up to 24-72 hours to propagate into the domain so don't worry if they don't appear straight away !


As always if you need a hand or are stuck reply or PM :)


Kind Regards,


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