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debian + nginx front-end + the apache backend + mysql database + php + eaccelerator - Posted By vipming

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Posted 05 August 2014 - 05:25 PM

First of all, here once again thank the military brother and LEB bloggers, a key package main draw is a script of the two masters. Which front-end back-end configuration is a military brother, the main structure of the script is the LEB. Please pay tribute to the above two!

debian + nginx front-end + the apache backend + mysql database + php + eaccelerator (large memory optional)

Installation is complete, about 15 minutes

Three commands to start the wordpress

All debian official software, stable source or testing source optional

Vps configuration flexibility in the deployment, maximize the use of vps performance

128m small memory competence, 2g memory still take full advantage of powerful

All hostrail, directspace, buyvm gandi cloud vps 123Systems such as test pass

Debian 5 or Dedian 6,32 bit or 64bit all the tests available
Talk about the characteristics of this script:
1, and more flexible. First, you can choose to install a stable version, and can also choose to install the latest version (debian testing sources); Second, you can install the blog program can also create an empty virtual host (dynamic and static can ) and then upload your web site program files; Third, a key to adjust the apache process, based on your vps configuration settings, maximize the performance of the server to ensure stable under the premise;, you can choose to install eaccelerator (php accelerator), and enhance the php performance (at least 256m or more memory is recommended installed);, nginx, apache, the mysql, php, and other software, you can separate command freedom of choice to install or not install.

2, more convenient. The scripts can be a key to install wordpress, typecho, phpmyadmin and other common web application, you can just open an empty static or dynamic virtual host, allowing you to directly upload site procedures. There is also a key to change the ssh port, a key to modify the apache process orders, easy adjust according to their own procedures and vps configuration process. Script installation generally only need about 15 minutes to save a lot of time than compile and install exactly the same performance.

3, more powerful. The front end of the debian + nginx + apache backend + mysql database + php + eaccelerator (large memory optional) architecture itself is a strong performance guarantee. This script is a key command more than 19 easy to be adjusted according to their elasticity of demand.

4, more secure. All programs are through the installation of the debian official source, you can choose the stable or testing the source installation. debian itself is safe and stable resource consumption, small well-known, stable software through a very rigorous test, so do not worry about this a key package have any back door and smuggled goods. In addition, through this script to install the full environmental, external port is only open ssh port and port 80, the apache backend for the ports are not open. can also be under your command ssh port, very convenient adjustment to avoid brute force hackers.
wget http://linux-bash.googlecode.com/files/damnp-actgod.sh
List of commands:
bash damnp-actgod.sh system #optimize the system to remove unwanted components, dropbear alternative sshd 
bash damnp-actgod.sh exim4  # more lightweight mail system
bash damnp-actgod.sh mysql # install mysql
bash damnp-actgod.sh nginx # install nginx default a process, the adjustable
bash damnp-actgod.sh php # install php, contain php5-gd, you can use reCAPTCHA
bash damnp-actgod.sh the apache # install the apache2 include basic modules, the default maximum number of processes, adjustable
bash damnp-actgod.sh stable # install all of the above, the software is the official debian stable source (squeeze), an older version of
bash damnp-actgod.sh wordpress_en yourdomain # install wordpress Chinese version. The database is automatically configured.
the bash damnp the-actgod.sh phpmyadmin yourdomain # a button to install phpmyadmin database management software
bash damnp-actgod.sh httpproxy port # to generate a http proxy port is the port number, greater than 1000 less than 65535
the bash damnp-actgod.sh ssh user name password # generate ssh agent only to the Internet, you can not login shell on account of the vps operation
adjust the number of apache process bash damnp-actgod.sh addapache 3 8 # 3 is the number of startup process, 8 the number of maximum allowable process, according to the vps configuration changes
bash damnp-actgod.sh addnginx 2 # adjust the nginx process, where 2 represents the adjusted number of processes, changes to the configuration (cpu cores) based on vps
bash-actgod.sh sshport damnp 22022 # change the ssh port number 22022, the proposed change of 10,000 or more port. After the restart to take effect.
actgod.sh the bash damnp-eaccelerator # install php accelerator, it is recommended that the above vps 256m memory before installing
Software Inventory:
Stable version to install stable
nginx 0.7.67
The PHP 5.3.3-7
The Apache 2.2.16
Dropbear 0.52
Mysql 5.1.49-3
Latest version of the installation testing
nginx 1.0.0
The PHP 5.3.3-7
The Apache 2.2.17
Dropbear 0.52
Mysql 5.1.49-3
List of configuration files:
/etc/apache2/apache2.conf  # apache configuration file, according to the number of vps configuration change process to maximize the use of
/etc/nginx/nginx.conf # nginx config file can be changed according to the vps the cpu cores number of processes that maximize the use of
/etc/php5/apache2/php.ini  # php configuration file, install eAccelerator configuration information in this
~/.my.cnf # mysqlroot password to save the file
/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ # nginx configuration file of each specific site where the file folder
/etc/apache2/conf.d/  # each specific site configuration file is located under the folder in the apache
Log file:
/var/log/nginx  nginx # nginx log file folder where all sites are in a file
/var/log/apache2 # apache log file folder where all sites are in a file

The three command to install wordpress:
[COLOR="red"]# Download the script will take one second
wget http://linux-bash.googlecode.com/files/damnp-actgod.sh
# Install the stable version  the latest version, will take about 15 minutes, depending on your vps configuration and network speed
bash damnp-actgod.sh stable
# Install wordpress, yourdomain is your domain name, took 10 seconds
bash damnp-actgod.sh wordpress_en yourdomain

How vps configuration, adjust the apache process?
If not installed the eaccelerator apache approximately 18m of memory (after installation 25m), installed the entire system and software, you can command free-m to see the rest of the number of idle memory, then the remaining memory m divided by 18m to determine the maximum number of processes, the initial number of processes can be as large as the maximum number of processes, so that the apache process will remain, if not the same as the maximum number of processes, apache will automatically terminate idle process.

How to view mysql password:
root password in this file:
cat ~/.my.cnf
Corresponding database user name and password are stored in / root / txt file with the domain name


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